One Vision, One Mission, One Camber.


Camber is made up of three groups with one common goal: to be the best generics company in the industry. Camber Pharmaceuticals is rapidly growing and had an industry-leading 28 product approvals in 2022. With the support of our parent company, Hetero, we are poised to have a record number of product approvals and launches in 2023. Hetero, a world leader in API production and vertical manufacturing, is the foundation upon which Camber has maintained a 99% service level for our customers for the past two years. Hetero is investing over $250 million in the next three years in Camber products. The research and development team consists of over 1,000 scientists working to expand the types of drugs Camber offers, including novel delivery systems and complex molecules.

Our newly launched Camber Specialty division focuses on specialty products with dosage forms that include injectable, ophthalmic, infusion and oral solids. Camber Specialty will support the increasing demand for these products by providing hospitals, clinics, government facilities, and other institutional partners with high-quality generic choices. Oncology care remains at the heart of the organization’s goals for future products. The company has a deep pipeline of products for the treatment of cancer based in the therapeutic oncology class of drugs.

Camber Consumer Care, our over-the-counter division, specializes in three therapeutic categories: allergy, pain and gastrointestinal relief. Dosage forms include tablets and capsules, powders, solutions and suspensions. Camber Consumer Care has become a strategic supplier to retailers demanding a quality-driven, reliable and responsive OTC store-brand source. It also has in-depth experience with private label partnerships and currently supplies a variety of products to over 5,000 major retail outlets.

For over 15 years, Camber has shown a tradition of excellence and a deep commitment to providing cost-effective medicines to treat a wide range of therapeutic categories. Camber is growing to meet the needs of a diverse patient population — one medication at a time.