Camber Cares: We’re committed to helping those in need

Camber Pharmaceuticals, with its parent company Hetero Labs Limited, routinely donates urgently needed prescription medications that have a positive impact on the lives of people in some 40 countries. Hetero Labs Limited is also a member of the PEPFAR, (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) program and a world leader in the production of antiretroviral drugs used to fight and prevent AIDS.

Camber partners with highly respected non-profit organizations such as AmeriCares, reKind, Project Hope and Brothers Brother Foundation to help people affected by natural disasters as well as those unfortunate individuals who cannot afford the necessary medications to maintain good health.

Caring for the natural world

On the environmental front, Hetero implements a host of sustainability strategies to care for the natural world. They include utilizing the best available technologies for:

  • efficient water treatment
  • waste management
  • natural resources conservation
  • harvesting renewable energy sources
  • tree planting programs
  • occupational health and safety
  • training and education

Camber partners with highly respected non-profit organizations such as: