We are here to help

Our customer service team is at the very core of the day to day operations of Camber Pharmaceuticals. From assisting a patient with a question about their medication, to responding to a trading partner about a shipment, our customer service team takes a proactive approach to answering your questions and solving any problems that arise.

Camber goes the extra mile to understand the dynamics and concerns of our customers. From sales to finance, to supply chain, the people of Camber foster high-touch relationships across all departments. We value your business and your partnership!

Medical Affairs

For all inquires related to adverse events and product complaints please contact us at:
Tel: 1-(866) 495-1995
Email: [email protected]
Any information about prescription products and their uses, patients/consumers should call their doctor or pharmacist.

Customer Service

For any inquiries related to Sales orders please contact:
Tel: 1-866- 827-3647
Fax: 732- 562-8872