Hetero Unveils New Logo and Corporate Brand Identity

Camber’s parent company, Hetero, a global pharmaceutical leader, recently unveiled a new logo and brand identity. Hetero’s new logo is a refreshing update from the version that has served the organization for over three decades.

“Our new logo, is built around the idea of ‘Health for All’ and strengthens our ideology of ‘focused interventions leading to exponential impact.’ It uses circles as the primary visual anchor to represent the idea of accessibility and global reach”, Dr. Vamsi Krishna Bandi, Managing Director, Hetero Group of Companies said.

The organization is committed to the belief in accessibility and affordability of life-saving medicines across the world. Hetero also unveiled a new purpose statement to encompass their accomplishments and goals for the future: “Inspiring Human Belief in a Healthier World”.

Dr. B. Partha Saradhi Reddy, Chairman, Hetero Group of Companies, said: “With unparalleled strengths in research, manufacturing, and marketing, we have been well-positioned to serve people regardless of geographies.”

Backed by 30 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, Hetero’s strategic business areas spread across APIs, Global Generics, Biosimilars and Custom Pharmaceutical Services. The company is among the largest producers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the world. For more information on Hetero, please visit www.hetero.com.