Camber To Offer Shellpak ®* Unit-Dose Medication Packaging

For convenience, safety and in keeping with the latest best practices within the generics industry, Camber Pharmaceuticals will offer Shellpak blister packaging on some of its product line. Pre-filled medication packages help expedite pharmacist handling, reduce errors and save operational costs. Shellpak packages stack and store more efficiently than amber vials (standard orange pill bottles).

Shellpak ® packages are award-winning, first-of-their-kind blister packages. Thin, molded plastic “shells” protect fragile pills. Push-button technology lets seniors in and keeps children out. A wide range of configuration options and generous space for graphics open up unprecedented marketing and branding opportunities.

Child Safe and Senior Friendly

The rigid, plastic shells and proprietary, push-button technology earned our Shellpak packages the highest child resistance rating from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: F=1. Yet it remains easy for seniors to open.