Camber Announces Six New Product Launches

Camber Pharmaceuticals, one of the industry’s fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies is pleased to announce the addition of six new products to its rapidly expanding product line.

Quinapril HCTZ                   Naproxen                                              Levetiracetam
– 10/12.5mg/90ct             – 250mg/100ct and 500ct               – 250mg/ 120ct and 500ct       – 1000mg/ 60ct
– 20/12.5mg/90ct             – 375mg/ 100ct and 500ct              – 500mg/120ct and 500ct
– 20/25mg/90ct                – 500mg/ 100ct and 500ct              – 750mg/120ct and 500ct

Quinapril                         Naproxen DR                                    Alfuzosin
– 5mg/90ct                    – 375mg/100ct                                   – 10mg/100ct
– 10mg/90ct                  – 500mg/100ct
– 20mg/90ct                  – 500mg/500ct
– 40mg/90ct

Camber Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated international pharmaceutical company that maintains quality and integrity in all its products from API manufacturing to finished dosage. Camber’s parent company Hetero Drugs of Hyderabad, India employs over 300 scientists at 9 API facilities and has a global presence in over 100 countries.